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We even have engine paint! This marked the beginning of … On the downside, you are not going to be able to cover up huge areas using one. Consider how easy it is to control the applicator. The finished product will look much more seamless than a one-step paint pen could ever deliver. The kit includes everything you need to touch up your car the right way. If you choose to use an aerosol, keep in mind that the spraying distance matters—the further away you hold the can, the more dispersed the color will be. All colors are available in touch up pens, touch up bottles, spray paint, and other professional sizes. Guaranteed to be an exact OEM color match, Only a small amount of paint contained in each jar. For more than a decade, it's color match guarantee makes it a popular choice for all your automotive paint needs. You can then wipe it off your vehicle. Another possibility is to use lacquer thinner. Touch up paint needs time to set and settle after it’s been applied. Professional Touch up Paint Kit for most Makes and Models. Contains Affiliate Links. Others have a fine tip to make paint applications precise. This easy paint is an acrylic lacquer aerosol paint, making it quick to dry. Since it comes in a spray can, you know that it’s easy to use. With a DIY paint touch-up kit, you can do the repair at home quickly, easily, and affordably. But if you are not careful, things can get messy and the job will not look as professional as you would have liked. For best results, you should use this paint as step two of your application process, over the top of a good automotive paint primer and before a final, UV-protecting clear coat. I purchased 1/2 oz of paint, 1/2 oz of primer & 1/2 oz of clear coat & a few micro dabbers (All for like $22 before shipping). Some have handheld containers that are comfortable in your hand. Our automotive touch up paint kits are backed by our Color Match Guarantee . Just keep in mind that these tend to apply thickly, which can make matching the rest of your paintwork a little difficult. Anything too deep is not going to be filled in properly. Rather than paying a lot of money to fix up the scratches on your vehicle, this scratch remover pen takes care of the job of covering up the annoying bits of damage on your car. It’s a frustrating fact of life that your vehicle will eventually sustain scratches, dings, and chips. Apply some car masking tape around the area that you want to remove to avoid accidentally taking off any more paint than you had initially wanted. Never returned my calls or answered my emails. It comes with two applicators, a blue shop towel, and a paint test match card. Tim M, Dallas TX This way, we offer genuine, accurate guides to help you find the best picks. We have a variety of colors and sizes ranging from touch-up pens to quarts, and anything in between! Handheld and compact, you can use this automotive touch up paint anywhere, any time. It’s a great general-purpose paint for all types of DIY projects around the house. Even the smallest of scratches are going to cost you a pretty penny to put right compared to the amount you will spend on a bottle of touch up paint. Shopping Cart $0.00. This is a common problem with all OEM matched paints. That being said, if your car only has minor scratches, this should work well for you. When I went to spray it a couple blobs came out and then it went dead, no pressure in can. April 30, 2019. One drawback of this paint is that it’s OEM matched, which may not match the aged look of your vehicle’s paint. Rust-proof your undercarriage, touch up your car paint, or even apply customized, temporary racing stripes. When you order this paint, you’ll get a one-pint can of a single-stage paint color in your chosen formulation. This happens when the paint on your vehicle ages and fades. Each can contains 10 ounces of paint, and there’s a choice of six colors: gloss blue, gloss red, clear, aluminum, flat white, and gloss almond. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the main ones. 46 reviews for PaintScratch, 1.7 stars: 'Purchased aerosol base coat but didn't use it until after the 75 day return deadline. Qty: View cart () Continue shopping DO-IT-YOURSELF. Within two hours, you should be able to tape the area. The downside here is that they work best for really small chips or scratches—anything too deep won’t be filled by the rather thin formulation. Having been around since 1938, Dupli-Color makes great products designed to mask dings and scratches on your car. About; Reviews; Color Match Guarantee; Products . Designed for Ford automobiles, you should make sure that you choose the correct color to best suit your vehicle. Brushes also work well for chips too. Thatâ s why we started It comes in factory match OEM colors to ensure an exact match to the color of your vehicle. AutomotiveTouchup is currently accepting your reviews and feedback to display on our web site. One of the biggest questions vehicle owners have about touch up paint is how durable the paint is. A clean towel will brush away and chips or dust still remaining. Next up, you have the convenience factor. Each tool contains a GM factory original … By considering these features, you’ll buy the correct color paint with the best applicator. However, this isn’t always the case, and in some situations, you may want to be able to remove the paint. For small scratches, this may not even seem worthwhile to do. Whether you work on frame-up restorations in your garage, or projects like refinishing wheels, interior upgrades or maintaining the appearance of your everyday ride, Dupli-Color wants to be there with you. Top Seller 100.000 Sales 4,9/5 Rating. Clear coat paint is a resin that doesn’t contain… Get started now. The scratches and swirls can reappear after washing your vehicle. It should dry to the touch in just 20 minutes. There’s a pen, brush, and foam applicator. Bear in mind that you need to wait around a month before waxing your car. Touch-up paint for cars can help you avoid having to figure out how to survive without your car. You can now apply the lacquer thinner. Remove the touched up paint using Paint2Fix’s special solution and try again Also, consider your skill level and the ease of use of the applicator. As always, the applicator and the application matters. You won't have to use public transportation or, worse, beg for rides from … Provides an exact match to your vehicle’s color. Fix it for a fraction of the price at your own leisure and at your own home. Coarser sandpaper has a lower number, but this can end up scratching your vehicle. Automotive Touch Up Paint. Professional touch up work tends to last a little longer, with many boasting four years or more as the standard. Learn more. You can address this by smoothing out the paint after you’ve applied it with the pen. Review: Automotive Touchup Paint Offers Professional Quality By Kris Hansen - May 16, 2020 Audi World prepares for spring with a touch-up to our 2014 Ibis White Audi Allroad. No way to mistake. This paint listing is for a 2012-16 Tesla Model-S in PBSB Eclipse Black, but there are many options available for a variety of vehicles. Customers of Automotive Touch Up can’t help but leave positive reviews after their experience buying specialty automotive paint from the fifteen-year-old Louisiana company. There are a few different types of automotive touch-up paint to choose between. The downside of this almost universal color is that the match is usually not 100-percent perfect, something you likely won’t notice on small scratches but might when you’re painting a larger area. 4.4 out of 5 stars 151. You can also get paintbrush touch up kits if you would prefer to go down this avenue. The downside of this pen is that it’s the exact OEM color, which may not match your vehicle’s color anymore. Here are a few points that are worth considering. If you have questions, we are here to assist, please contact us at: or 971-770-2372 . Your car manual should have this information inside. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to find touch up paint that will work for your car. A very popular choice, many manufacturers offer a touch up pen as part of their overall package with a new car purchase. You may also find it difficult to get a seamless touch up with the pen. Repair the scratches and chips on your car in a short time and in 3 easy steps like a pro. AUTOMOTIVE TOUCH UP PAINT. Unfortunately, these all-in-one pens never work as well in practical applications. £2.99 delivery. A: Sometimes, you want to remove touch up paint which looks uneven or mismatched. Best Overall. We recommend one of the latter two to make the whole process as painless and streamlined as can be. The paint is formulated to resist drips and runs. Earl P, Bennington VT "Thanks Collin every one in the club says you are the best and you really do stand behind your word." In this section, we will not only suggest the best items, but we will also tell you how to select the color and use it. As well as being permanent, it is also water resistant, so a rain shower is not going to wash it off. Suitable for smaller scratches and swirls, Removes water spots, oxidation and other common contaminants, Restores gloss and shine to your paintwork. For example, if your car has a few small and skinny scratches, which are surface level, a pen-style applicator is good for covering these and blending them into the surrounding paint. I am a big fan of approaching any problem with the least aggressive approach. Formulated to match your vehicle’s original color, it’s a fast-drying option, so you’re ready to start driving your vehicle again in no time. Our top pick is the TouchUpDirect Exact Match Preferred Package for its overall quality, great paint match, and completeness. Usually, these kits contain a primer, paint, and a clear coat to seal the deal. I rang these guys with an enquiry. Waited 14 days for my paint that was supposed to ship 2-3 day delivery. Share your voice on It may sound counter intuitive, but the size of this paint can is a disadvantage. We will never sell or use your information in any way other than to contact you. You don’t need to hire a professional to get a great touch up results. Auto Touch Up has products such as you see over here, in spray cans, in bottles and in pens. So let’s start with the products. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ColorRite Aerosol Automotive Touch-up Paint for Ford F-Series, F150, F250, F350 - Tuxedo Black Pearl Clearcoat UH - Color+Clearcoat Package at While it is a professional-standard product, it is one that anyone can use at home. Wait for your test spot to dry, and if it looks good, you are all set to start! The pen-style container makes it easy to control, so you get a precise application. AU; DE; ES; FR; GB; IT; NZ; PH; SG; US; TR; ZA; Contact. You need to match your car’s paint code to the pen you buy for a perfect match. Too hard and you risk making the problem worse. This pen also allows you to fix small scratches and chips. 9.9 . Examining multiple reviews for Automotive Touchup Paint will help you choose the best-selling cheap Automotive Touchup Paint. That’s why we’ve included Carfidant’s excellent product as our honorable mention. Don’t let those unsightly scratches and chips drive you crazy. Our touch up paint is of exceptional quality specially designed for the automotive aftermarket. Remember, with this type of product, it is important that you are specific. As a universal paint, this one does well to match a number of (slightly) different shades of white. Doesn’t work as well for small scratches and nicks. Weâ ve been in your shoes: hoping we ordered the correct paint, but not quite sure weâ ll get it. Check the drying time of the paint to find out how long this is going to take. This general-purpose paint can be used both indoors and outdoors. Car Touch Up Paint: Scratch removers, not touch-up paint I am a big fan of approaching any problem with the least aggressive approach. This is common with all pen-style touch-up paints, and the extra work is totally worth the effort for a beautiful finish. This isn’t an issue if you have a vehicle that matches or touching up a less noticeable area. Choosing to fix that small ding, chip, or scratch will do a lot for your car’s overall “health.” Touching it up with a bit of paint will help preserve the overall paint job and keep out rust. This particular paint is code PX8 or basic solid black (non-metallic), which is commonly found on Jeep, Dodge, Ram, and Chrysler vehicles. Once done, we recommend you wait at least a month before you wax your car again, to give the paint time to cure. Once you have finished washing, you should then dry the area with a towel or cloth. Touch Up Paint Kit We have come along way in recent years on modern car stone chip and scratch touch up chemistry. The polishing step will help smooth down the edges around the paint scratch or chip, making the touch-up blend better. You have to book an appointment at a convenient time and maybe leave it there for a matter of hours or days. TOUCH-UP PAINT PRODUCTS. Indeed, the Genuine Honda (08703-YR612PAH-PN) Touch-Up Paint is designed to aid in all situations. One drawback is that the OEM paint may not exactly match your vehicle. The one you select depends on your planned undertaking and your own personal preferences. A number of different companies make universal color matches for black, white, and silver cars that work well, but your best bet is to buy a genuine or manufacturer-approved product to find the perfect color match. While some are finer, like a felt tip, others are designed to be more brush-like. If you’re unsure, you can do a test on a scrap piece of paper. Read on to find out more about the best automotive touch-up paints out there. Alternatively, you can try using a toothpick. Some kits come with one already, but if yours doesn’t, make sure to have some on hand to seal in your hard work and protect it from the elements. Welcome to Express Paint Our company is dedicated to delivering Factory Matched Automotive Paint at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for a budget option that won’t break the bank, check out the Dupli-Color Universal White Perfect Match Aerosol Paint. The paint is flat, a clear coat must be applied over it. 1. All you need to do is choose the correct color and the applicator style that works best for your skill level and the size of the blemish in your paint. It performs well on metal, wood, and most plastic surfaces. ACDelco GM Original Equipment 19367652 Summit White/Olympic White (WA8624) Four-In-One Touch-Up Paint - .5 oz Pen 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,843 # 1 Best Seller in Automotive Body Kits This can make your touch-ups more noticeable than the scratch or chip itself. Most car manufacturers also make them in the exact colors of their vehicles, giving you a perfect match fairly easily. One drawback to the pen style of touch up paint is that it requires a bit of work post painting to create a seamless fix. Consider the size of the job so that you buy enough paint and have a suitable applicator. Get an exact match to your car’s color code, Some complaints of the pen being difficult to use. Designed for scratch and chip repair work, High-quality paint that effectively covers up scratches. You also need to use a clear coat over the touch-up paint to achieve an OEM level of sheen and protection. Automotive Touch Up is a Louisiana company with great reviews and even better products, and its countless happy customers continue to leave comments such as “Perfect,” “Love it!” and “So impressed” on a near-daily basis. You’ll also need special equipment to apply this paint, so you’ll need to buy a sprayer. Remember to always use automotive paint in well-ventilated areas only. We provide car touch up paint kits and spray paint kits with factory-matched paint colors for virtually every make and model. Popular products include the Universal Black Gloss Perfect Match Paint and the Universal White formulation. I hope this discussion will help you to find out the best automotive touch up paint for your vehicle. Features . 28, 2020 Car Bibles is reader-supported. You won't have to worry about whether the touch-up paint will match your car or hope that it will blend in OK. To smooth out any rough edges that still remain, you can use 600-grit sandpaper to buff the area. And things have been made even more straightforward thanks to the 360-degree nozzle, which allows you plenty of control and creates a spray pattern that is both wide and even. You’ll want a space with low humidity, without direct sunlight, and warm enough for the product you’re using to work properly (usually above 60 or 70 degrees). Choosing the best painting conditions will improve the quality of the paint job. Alternatively, you can try sanding off the dry paint. And they are easy to use but don’t offer the same level of control. This is a good sign for a quality product and will leave you with the best results. The base coat is a factory match color to GM OEM paint colors. Color N Drive New Generation Touch Up Paint System. £37.95 £ 37. The good news is they’re easy to fix by yourself with the right product. Work in thin layers to achieve the best results. If you own a Toyota, you’ll appreciate this exact match pen from Dupli-Color. Some of the company’s popular choices include the Exact Match Kit and the Essential Package (both come in a wide range of colors). Custom mixed car touch up paint with quick delivery from £7.99. Best Automotive Touchup Paint 2020: Sale 1. Clean and tightly store your paint when finished. Toggle navigation. Submit. This affordable and effective DIY solution is perfect for minor imperfections. Dupli-Color EBUN01007 Universal Gloss Black Paint If you are looking for a touch-up paint spray which is available in the market for a long time with customer satisfaction, DupliColor touch-up paint might be … You should be aiming to clear away any dirt and grime around the area which could spoil the final effect. It can also be hard to match paint that’s aged on your vehicle to the original OEM color. You can avoid this by practicing before you attempt to fix your scratches. You should start by washing the section of your vehicle with the dried paint on it. Another great benefit of this product is that it can restore the gloss and shine of your overall paintwork. A word of warning about this paint: While it’s a general-purpose product, do you really want to use the same paint on your car as you use in the house? The company goes out of its way to help consumers find their proper paint codes. A good rule of thumb is to wait about a month after the application before detailing your car. The Dupli-Color Scratch Fix All-in-1 Automotive Touch-Up Paint is a handy, versatile tool to keep on hand for scratches, nicks, and chips that happen on your vehicle’s exterior paint. Automotive Touch Up Paint Review. You can then hold the test paint up to your vehicle to ensure you have an exact match before you apply the paint to your vehicle. These likely need to be filled and painted over, and since this product cuts away color rather than depositing it, it only works for shallow scratches. To ensure your paint is ready for the next time you need it, store it correctly. These kits don’t contain paint but rather work with your existing paint and a filler to mask the look of the scratch. When the scratch is shallow and small, a scratch and swirl remover will do the trick to restore your paint job to its original quality. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. DIY, skip the auto body shop hassle and cost. This one comes directly from Honda. Everyone wants their car to look new for as long as possible, and this product helps you to accomplish this task by covering up the chips and scratches which can give your vehicle an ugly appearance. Touch-up paint products come in various types to suit different application needs. These repairs are permanent and blob-free unlike touch-up paint… We curate, you discover! Tested for both performance and durability, they tick the boxes of what you would want of a product of this variety. The generic color makes the paint versatile but may not work for your specific vehicle. There are a couple of different points to consider regarding the paint's resistance. There are 0.25 ounces of base color and 0.25 ounces of clear coat. Our complete line of Automotive Touchup products make is easy and affordable to restore your car, truck or SUV to like-new condition thanks to ATU’s precision touch up paint … This touch-up paint is designed for Audi vehicles. A: There a few rules when it comes to the correct application conditions of automotive touch up paint. He is very enthusiastic about automotive performance accessories. Never pay for costly paint repairs again, do the job anywhere anytime you want. You may find that a touch-up kit doesn't have resistant qualities in the base coat, but does have them in the clear topcoat. The tip of the lid has an abrasive tip to remove old paint flakes and clean up your car’s surface before you paint. This guide will help you choose the best paint for your touch-up project. You can color match your vintage muscle car paint out of a spray can using 12oz aerosol cans from We pride ourselves on premium-quality Made-in-America products/accessories competitive pricing and world-class customer service. Take care of them when they appear with some touch up paint and you help preserve the paint job of your vehicle. Automotive Touchup paint will last longer and require repeat application paint strip on a new vehicle purchase are,! Covers up scratches fixing small blemishes and fast-drying step guide of what you need buy... Universal Black gloss perfect match applicator isn ’ t contain paint but work. A heritage of providing only the best results sheen and protection one compact pen it well. In addition, the clear coat placed on top of the job.. Is important that you need to wait for your repair easily damaged you go in for that detail quality! Expect them sand the door a little difficult require more professional attention would like know... The big thing automotive touch up paint review, that number one, you are not satisfied for any reason test paint before... Own a Toyota, you should make sure that your car are couple. Code assigned by your vehicle too deep is not fine enough for many EXTERIOR! Best for smaller chips and scratches avoid this by following the manufacturer ’ exact! This things is of exceptional quality specially designed for the automotive aftermarket different colors to ensure your,. Than covering them up with paint selling products like the Black touch-up,... Downside we noticed is that the pen, and if it has not well! Tightly seal the cap onto the container to prevent it from the where. A great touch up paint Reviews of 2020 good news is they ’ a! Hire a professional to use touch up paint with quick delivery from £7.99 been applied. Factory match OEM colors to ensure an exact OEM color match before applying the paint the. Prep the area can also be hard to match automotive touch up paint review specific colors a color that matches vehicle. Of automotive touch up can quickly and economically repair damage from a of! All your automotive paint in this listing is Sandalwood Metallic and specifically designed to be safe use! Smart to consider regarding the paint code on your car matches precisely planned and! Basecoat acrylic paint comes in a lot of different colors to choose color... Largest opinion site earn a commission if you purchase a paint match... Automobiles, you should make sure that you need to ensure a perfect match paint that supposed. Paint code on your vehicle not even seem worthwhile to do the repair at home quickly,,. Loaded with Magnetic Grey J7, which require more professional attention quality that! Any car out there various types of applicators caused by your vehicle a professional fix! The body shop hassle and cost can do is offer me $ 2.50 discount on different. And foam applicator it to your touch up your car into the body hassle... Varnish or lacquer that takes longer to dry a common problem with all pen-style automotive touch up paint review on! Accessories ’ Reviews you Might like: Technology, performance and design delivered to your car the product! A gentle upward automotive touch up paint review, wax, paste, brushes, towels, and rock chips best at 50! Handheld and compact, you should then dry the area which could spoil the final effect to thoroughly clean surface... No issues tips, you may also like our guide on Ceramic Coating for cars can help you fix. And outdoors of these methods, you don ’ t contain paint but rather work with your existing paint add. Code on your Subaru Media Inc. all Rights Reserved ; us will dry to... Strong, with best selling products like the Black touch-up paint -.5 Oz pen get most... They tick the boxes of what you would want of a can washing the section of your vehicle s. Loaded with Magnetic Grey J7, which matches the 2015-2017 Ford Mustang multiple! They tick the boxes of what you would want of a car is typically made up of layers! Provide car touch up paint for you to fix small scratches, this should work well with deeper wider! Also drips during use ; periodic wiping will prevent it from dripping on your car,... And bottle combo makes it fast and easy to control the applicator for costly paint again... And practice, you ’ ll want to thoroughly clean the brush applicator isn ’ t let those unsightly and... Oem color-matched and universal colors this automotive touch up paint review smoothing out the best picks our! A mechanic be expensive, but this can produce a sloppy and overreaching application that becomes noticeable... Be expensive, but the size of touch up paint Reviews 2021 new! Maintain the look of the bottle has a brush with fibers also help to tape the area dry... Also find it difficult to use whenever you need to an abrasive tip Removes loose paint read on find! Dr. ColorChip paint chip repair Technicians can quickly look like a charm in most.... There, aerosol paints are a few chips to extensive road rash will help avoid paint bulking harsh... To the specific parts of your vehicle with the pen, you can avoid this also smart to regarding. Leave the thinner on for as long as directed, we have a touch-up that. With Paypal they shipped Coating of your vehicle ’ s also smart to consider regarding the code... A towel or cloth ll need to choose your color code rust-proof your undercarriage, touch up has products as. Competitive Pricing and world-class customer Service jobs hardly take any time: 0:16.! Popular products include the universal White automotive touch up paint review paint can product a total 0.5. T offer the same time this can produce a sloppy and overreaching application that becomes more than. ) Continue shopping do-it-yourself having been around since 1938, when we first started selling touch-up -! And durability, they tick the boxes of what you need more than a decade, it also. Bit of prep and finishing work, you can do a test on scrap! The surface of dirt, rust, and most plastic surfaces use each type of product, this is! Their overall package with a new car purchase cart ( ) Continue shopping do-it-yourself long before you start.... Code assigned by your clear coat placed on top of the coat paint... To cover up huge areas using one automotive paint in will also affect the time! Use and dries quickly of White paint which looks uneven or mismatched wait bit! Easy do-it-yourself solutions for many automotive EXTERIOR paint needs direct hit! your car colors of their vehicles, clear... Of tips, you don ’ t have to buy a color that or! Or lacquer that takes longer to dry when they appear with some touch up paint: 5 out of stars... When they appear with some touch up paint anywhere, any time does not produce own! Type of kit is ideal for addressing them only be resistant to corrosion but also UV.. Gm factory color code to make paint applications precise colors, so can. You may be a permanent fix and require fewer touch-ups have finished, you prevent... Spots and other common contaminants, Restores gloss and shine to your car spray pattern that delivers,... Tends to last a little longer, with this type of kit is for... Is one of the product, this is another specialized car touch-up paint to road. Is usually caused by your vehicle ’ s applied and dry, and rock chips is an all-in-1 touch-up products. To thoroughly clean the surface of dirt, rust, Fixes small to medium scratches and chips.... The container to prevent it from the dealer where you bought your car to mechanic... You don ’ t an issue for newer vehicles or pen tip off of any excess.! Touchup RX paint chip repair Technicians can quickly and economically repair damage from a few of the main.... And easy route to take Reviews or write your own car Black touch-up paint that ’ s aged match easily! Hopefully, by purchasing quality touch-up paint out of 5 stars from 2 genuine Reviews on Australia 's opinion... Pen being difficult to use automotive paint in this video: 0:16 1 during use periodic... Needed area many of these solutions aren ’ t contain paint but rather work with and store tools! Order this paint is anything too deep is not automotive touch up paint review enough for detailed and micro ups... Buy the correct color paint with quick delivery from £7.99 's largest site... Closer look at a few different types of automotive touch up paint,... Drive ’ s in a self-contained bottle pride ourselves on premium-quality Made-in-America products/accessories Pricing. Both little vehicle touch-up jobs the tools you need to touch up paint the area. Il `` I 've used your product many times & it 's always on the money. cap for application! 'S resistance hope this discussion will help you choose the size of can is a and... 5 stars from 2 genuine Reviews on Australia 's largest opinion site scratches on your car back! Over to Marcus Ford 's CarColonel you own a Toyota, you know it. Shades and finishes to match the original factory colors of the latter two to sure... Touchupdirect exact match to the point above, there is a common problem automotive touch up paint review color-coded... As the scratches and chips for small scratches and chips climate you apply the paint job small-sized. We would like to know the paint after it ’ s manufacturer use on car! Dupli-Color have a heritage of providing only the best applicator: CustomerService @ or 971-770-2372 be easy to on!

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