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I’m Shereen, married to Aftab and mother of two grown up children. I’ve been a doctor, a business woman, a stay at home Mom and finally doing what I love best which is ‘making pretty things’.

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At long last I did something with the ‘Snap’ stuff from Simple Stories. It is a book; it is a hybrid really. Memory book, journal, photo book whatever you like to cal it. I’m calling it my ‘Crazy Book’.

I have recently got a lot of Snap stuff including papers, cards, insta frames and squares, pockets, envelopes, enamel dots and tons of stickers. So I decided to get my hands on these and here is what I made. Don’t forget to click on individual pictures to see larger version.

Apart from the Snap supplies I added some envelopes and  tags, did some stamping, splashed some paint and spray, used washi snippets and highlighted certain elements with a fine tip black pen.

I made this page out of chipboard and covered it with some ‘simple stories’ paper which is not from the snap collection. (simple stories stuff from different collections goes together so nicely). The words were cut out of a ‘4×6 double sided card’ from the snap collection.

The back of the chipboard page was covered with a 4×6 card on top and some lined paper at the bottom and an overlapping bingo card. On the right you can see the back of a pocket (below) Made use of this space by adding an insta frame and a small journaling card

Front of the pocket on the left.

i added an envelope (right) and decorated it with diecut film strip and some stickers

More diecut film strip on this side of the envelope and a fussy cut, layered element.

A crazy tag on the top. This is chipboard painted, stenciled, washi taped and a photo spot. Can see the back of the tag in the picture below

The longl thing on the right is a tall envelope. This is the flap which I covered with dotted cardstock and added a photo spot.

The flap opens to reveal photo spots on the left and loads of journaling space on the right (inside of the flap).

Back of the tall envelope on the left and a layered 3×4 card on the right


Back and front of a ‘crazy’ tag.

Foundation pocket from the snap collection embellished with some stickers. This contains some stamped tokens (see below)


A little pocket (top right) carrying some tags. (below)

Back and front of another ‘crazy’ tag

Another 3×4 card. love this polaroid stamp. so useful.

Ended the book with a huge ‘Foundation pocket’ which I adorned with stamped labels, enamel dots and some washi tape and made a large tag to go inside it in addition to smaller bingo elements.






Memento Madness



I’m Shereen, married to Aftab and mother of two grown up children. I’ve been a doctor, a business woman, a stay at home Mom and finally doing what I love best which is ‘making pretty things’.

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I did some stamping using ‘Memento’ dye inkpads. I used the ‘tear drop’ pads which are small and their shape allows you to color different areas of a stamp using different inkpads. Apart from this other advantages of using small sized pads like ‘tear drops’ or ‘cat eyes’ are that they are cheaper, take less re-inker to refresh them. I always get small sized pads for inks that I don’t use too frequently.

For todays tutorial I chose silhouette stamps (or bold/ surface as opposed to outline) by Penny Black. These are clear stamp sets of beautiful floral images.

Back to Memento ink. This is a dye based ink, is water-based and transluscent (not opaque). Light colors will only show on neutral background such as white, off-white etc. You can try darker ink colors on light colored pastel background. Another thing to remember is that it is non-permanent.

As these are water soluble, watercolor like effect can be achieved by spritzing the inked stamp (using a mini mister helps) before stamping. You don’t want to flood the stamp so using a small spray bottle or a mini mister is helpful.

The other thing that I really like to do is color the stamp using different colors on the same image such as orange and red, pink and purple or different shades of a color.                The following examples were done on mat cardstock.

Details of the iris image, as seen in center image, are lost when water was used to moisten the inked stamp before stamping the image. A matter of personal choice but I like the one with water.

1st image from left stamped with 2 different ink colors both for the flower and leaves. Center image stamped using 1 color each for the flowers and leaves.                               3rd image stamped using 2 colors for flowers (as in 1) and a single color for leaves. Stamp spritzed with water before stamping


Dye inks produce beautiful results on glossy cardstock especially when using detailed images. The images stay crisp and detailed. You have to be a little careful with glossy cardstock as the ink takes a little longer to dry out. You can shorten this time by using heat gun.

In the 1st image from left I drew in some color from the stamped flower into the adjoining white area of the flower as I didn’t like the sharp contrast. This was done while the image was still wet.

Glossy cardstock also allows you to stamp multiple images without re-inking the stamp. I was sloppy enough to smudge the first image

Interesting effects can be achieved on water color paper. In the following example I generously spritzed a piece of water color paper with water before stamping. the first images that i stamped a very vague as the paper was very wet and water soluble ink travels quickly in a wet medium. As the paper lost some of its moisture I re-stamped the same image on top of the background images.

I applied versamark ink to the edges of the stamped piece and embossed using antique gold embossing powder. I also stamped a background using a grid stamp and antique linen distress ink.

I stenciled a reverse quaterfoil design using memento ink which I applied using a small piece of blending foam. Butterflies were stamped in blue/ green directly on the card and also stamped and cut from a piece of cardstock. Sentiment on top was also stamped with Memento ink.

For this card I stamped the background (a Hero Arts stamp) with ranger archival ‘Potting Soil’ ink ( I love this color; just the right brown for me). Stenciled a quarterfoil design again using memento ink with a pc of blending foam. I did this after i had stamped the background but as the color is so soft it seems to be behind the background image. Butterflies stamped using 2 colors of memento ink, cut and placed on the card with dimensional tape. Did the sentiment using the same two colors. Lastly I flicked a little ink here and there.

A few tags that I did with these inks. The pictures of these are particularly bad but then I am just a poor crafter who knows nothing about photography.

Till next time.



Rain Again.



I’m Shereen, married to Aftab and mother of two grown up children. I’ve been a doctor, a business woman, a stay at home Mom and finally doing what I love best which is ‘making pretty things’.

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Hello everyone. I had a ‘happening’ few days lately. My poor abused laptop decided to take a vacation. While it is ‘away’ I am working with a lovely new one but need some applications before I can do what I need to do. I also completed a mixed media piece that I have named ‘Rain Again’. And I took pictures this time! Well my photography skills are elementary at best and my camera is hardly state of the art. All said and done lets get going.

This is totally inspired by a beautiful painting I saw on Pinterest. My painting skills are not enviable so I decided to do it in mixed media.

I took a 6″x12″ of chipboard and applied a coat of Gesso to the surface with a broad brush. Gesso gives you a surface some tooth so paint sticks to it better.

I took a white piece of cardstock the same size as the chipboard and drew the girl on it for reference.

I loosely cut around the sketch and then drew around it on the prepared chipboard.

I painted the background first with a large brush and then with a smaller brush to get into corners and narrow spaces. Then I painted the girl with acrylic paints.

I then cut a lot of narrow strips tapering at one end, for the girl’s dress and set them aside. The paper is from ‘out of print’ collection by Basic Grey.

I cut some strips from white tissue (for the under skirt). I adhered it with Mod Podge and scrunched it a bit for texture. Then I took more tissue strips and again adhered them with Mod Podge scrunching so it it formed vertical folds.

For more texture I cut some doily and adhered it to the lower part of the dress again using mod Podge.

Then came the paper strips.

Gave her a top that I cut out of some paper.

A tissue paper belt and some patterned paper boots. I later on took off the ‘waist ‘part of the tissue belt.

I gave her a pink waist band and painted her hands.

Outlined the image in black and painted some ‘rain’.

Till next time.


Field of Dreams



I’m Shereen, married to Aftab and mother of two grown up children. I’ve been a doctor, a business woman, a stay at home Mom and finally doing what I love best which is ‘making pretty things’.

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‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’ Eleanor Roosevelt. I’m sure most of you must have come across this quote. We all have dreams; its important to dream, absolutely essential to a meaningful existence, I believe.

I did a mixed media piece the other day. And when I was midway I knew what I would call it; Field of dreams.

When I started this project it was supposed to be a tall piece with roundish flower like elements on tall stems. And the result couldn’t be more different. Wish I had taken pictures as I worked on it .But the process is so spontaneous and consuming one can’t break away from it, I know I can’t. But I promise I’ll try next time.

I painted the background in green and blue, the ground and the sky it was supposed to be. I drew some circles through a stencil and painted flowers with white acrylic. Cut some flower centers from patterned paper and adhered them with Mod Podge. It looked boring and sparse. I punched some flowers from a patterned paper; the flowers were too regular, very unnatural so snipped them some. Then I placed them in the gaps between my boring white flowers using Mod Podge. The white flowers looked flat so I lay down another layer of white. Then I added some stamped detail to the punched flowers. I love these little Prima texture stamps. Now what? The background looked flat. I took out my sprays, some turquoise and kind of purple and sprayed on the composition. I wiped most of it off the white flowers (acrylic paint resists water soluble sprays). The ‘sky’ looked good at this stage but the ‘ground’ looked awful and so I went over it with deep purple acrylic paint. Gave the flowers some stems that I cut out of patterned paper. More white on the flowers. Then I cut out paper strips and pasted them round the edges. Finally some doodling in black and I was ready to let it go.