Side-Step Ups Card Tutorial.

I came across one of the new Sizzix Framelits Die set  called the Basic Step-Ups Card. It hasn’t hit the market yet. When it does it will retail for USD 34.99.  EXPENSIVE ! So I thought why not try making this card without the die set.

The image below is from the Sizzix website. The measurements on my card will be different but the basic structure is the same.


Seemed pretty simple (initially). Then things went from bad to worse before I grasped the concept. As I’m away I don’t have any craft supplies with me (something like a Detox session for a craft addict). I however do have my Macbook with me. So I have done some images to explain the process.

You will need

Paper Trimmer.  This can also be used to make the score lines for those who don’t have a scoring board.  Can you do it without the trimmer. Not really.

Scoring Board.  Optional as you can use your tirmmer instead.

Scoring Tool.


Carstock for your card base.

Patterned Paper suitable to your theme.

Embellishments. Pre-made ones or make your own with stamps, punches, fussy cutting and so on. Balloons, cupcakes, party hats for a Birthday card; Baby Buggy, feeding bottles, rattles for a Baby Card; Hearts for a lovey dovey one.  Ribbons, trims, washi, bling, buttons etc. etc. Again your personal preference and theme will determine this.

So let’s make a card.

Step 1– Cut a 6″ x 9″ piece of Cardstock for your card base. It can be plain cardstock or patterned cardstock.

Step 2- Cut. Make a cut in the center shown in red (3″ from either of the long edges) starting at 1.25″ from the bottom and ending at 7.5″ from the bottom. It is important to make this cut before you score the various lines.

Step 3Score. Score from the right edge to the center cut as shown in the image in green and blue. Score at 1.25″, 2.5″, 4.0″, 5.5″ and 7.25″ from the bottom. Score from the left edge to the center at 4.5″ from the bottom.

If using double-sided cardstock base for your card, go directly to step 6 skipping steps 4 & 5.

Step 4– Before making your folds cut patterned paper for the different sections of your card as shown in red below.

Below are the measurements

Step 5- Adhere the paper to the card base. Should look something like this.

Step 6– Make your folds.

Step 7– Embellish according to your theme. You will need to add a sentiment to your card. You can use a sticker, stamp or print a greeting.

Here are some images I got from the ‘Accucut’ site. They make steel rule dies like the sizzix bigz line which pretty much cut everything and cost an arm and a leg. Seems side step cards are rather popular right now. As you can see the card base in these samples has been made with double-sided patterned cardstock which eliminates the need for cutting patterned paper cut-outs.


Hope you find this tutorial useful. Would love to see what you do with this.


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