Wish, Hope, Dream, Fly

I’ve been meaning to start an art journal for quite some time. I got myself an A3 size Moleskin Journal for the purpose and got round to doing the first spread during the last week. Yes it took me a few days to complete it. 

I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted this layout to be. The first thing I did was cover the whole spread with a generous coat of gesso and left it to dry thouroughly overnight. Next I collaged Tim Holtz tissue wrap and paper doily in some areas using gel medium and applied another coat of gesso to the entire layout and dried it overnight. Next I added texture using modeling paste through a stencil and again let it dry overnight.

Time to add some color. I used a glaze (paint and glazing liquid in equal amounts) in deep brown (Raw Umber) to cover the whole layout, leave it for a couple of minutes and wiped off with a wet baby wipe. Repeated the process with Burnt Sienna. It gives the surface an aged look and some areas catch a bit more color than others highlighting the  texture. I added some flecks of turquoise and gold with a palette knife.

I decided to do a girl on the left side of the spread. I loosely drew her in pencil and then started to color it. I used some magenta, azo gold (orangish gold) and titan buff to color in her dress. I added some small blobs of molding paste on the dress and went over these with the same colors.  I stamped some text with watering can archival ink to give more texture to the dress.

I used modeling paste through ‘Holes’ stencil throughout the bottom of the spread and added color with pinks, magenta, seinna and gold and a few specks of turquoise.

I added magenta and azo gold paint to the edges of the spread and added some stamped texture again in watering can ink.

I added some rub ons to the girl. I stamped a butterfly on gelli printed paper, fussy cut it and added it to her hair. Finally I added the words, Wish, Love, Hope and Fly also using rub ons.

Hope you enjoyed.



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