Crafty Kick Start 2016

Hello! As announced earlier on our FB page, we’re stepping into the new year and making January a ‘crafty month’!

How fun is that!

We will be sharing a crafty project, or a tip, or a post about our favorite supplies on our blogs every day of the week, all in the hope to kick start you crafty mojo for 2016!

And that’s not all, we will also be giving away some Artful Crafting vouchers at the end of the month!

Artful Crafting is an online craft store based in Pakistan but posts internationally so everyone is invited … yayyyyy!!!!!

We would love it if you played along with us and joined in the fun.

So, to participate

1. Subscribe/Follow all the blogs by clicking on the following links.

Amna –
Jaihan –
Saba –
Shereen –

2. Comment on the blog posts with your own opinions, point of views etc. The more you comment the more chances for winning.

3. Share your own tips, ideas, projects etc and let us know by messaging us, or tagging us. (optional but gets extra brownie points)

Since the idea is to share crafty love, we really do want all of you to join in on the sharing. Doesn’t have to be anything you create just a small crafty tip will be perfect too, and if you do please use the hashtag #craftykickstart16

Here’s to kick starting a Crafty 2016!


13 thoughts on “Crafty Kick Start 2016

  1. Thank you for giving everyone an opportunity to share our work, support each other inspire and be inspired xx :)

    Im new to blogging keep getting lost here and there lol .. haven’t been able to post to two other blog posts (Jaihan’s and Saba’s) there is no option in comment section … don’t know how to go about this.
    Anyway .. ive got my eyes peeled for the new makes and inspirational posts :)
    best regards

    • Thank you so much Ayesha for all the appreciation, seriously means a lot for all of us and we’re glad to be of any help :)
      As for Saba and Jaihan’s blogs, they use blogger, if you scroll right down to the post you’ll see a posted by/labels area with it will also be a comments remark, either no comments or 5 comments for example, click on that and you can open the comment box, or you could click on the post itself to open the complete post on its own and then you’ll see the comment box too. Hope this helps xx

  2. This is a great initiative. Logging Pakistani crafters in one platform. The ideas shared and the projects are inspirational. Glad to see arising talents, and an opportunity for others to learn and develop. Good going team ACDT. :)

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