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Hello surprise, its Amna here :)

Im here with a brief product review to share with you all.
Im sure all of you must have atleast seen (if not tried) the Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Crayons that came out this year at CHA. Who doesnt love the distress line, rather all of Tim Holtz’s goodies? After watching Tim’s demo videos from CHA, I really wanted to get hold of them and give them a try since they werent ‘fluid’ like the other mediums and yet were still reactive with water. I hadnt been able to get hold of them till I got one in the new kit and I couldnt wait to get down with it, so here it is…

The crayons have been released in a pack of 6 and 3 different packs of colors, brights, neutrals and a deeper tone pack. Each individual crayon is about 5″ in length, the size of a pen and has a grey plastic body with the cap and the other end colored according to the color of the crayon inside. The colors coordinate with the colors in the distress line. These are for ‘adult use only’ and are to be kept out of reach of children as clearly mentioned on each of the crayons.


When you open the cap, this is how the crayon ‘nib’ looks like. The crayon is retractable and you can twist the opposite end to bring out more of the medium. When fully retracted out the crayon medium is about 1.75″ in length.


Now when you think of a crayon and you apply it to paper you do expect it to be hard or go on with a bit of pressure but even though I remembered Tim telling they go on like lipstick when I applied it out it was softer than expected. Maybe a better visualization would be that it goes on like a lipstick in summer in Pakistan would :P

Here is what it looks like when applied on locally available white cardstock, black cardstock and canson 300 gms aquarelle watercolor paper. Since its a pigment that ‘rubs on to the surface’ you can see that it shows up on black cardstock as well.


I couldnt wait to smudge it like crazy with my fingers and see the magic happen but i had to take a picture in between and when i did smudge it it didnt smudge too well. Then I tried scribbling again and smudging immediately and viola smudged perfectly. SO, the time window between applying and smudging is really small, probably a minute or so (atleast for the 3 papers I tried it on) but if you do it immediately you get awesome results! Score!


Now to try a watercolor brush on to it. When you try it immediately after applying, the color moves better than when you apply after a minute. And the color moves more with a thicker layer applied. Then I tried scribbling some on to my craft sheet and blending it with water and the pigment dissolved immediately and when applied looked just like watercolor! Another score!


Now on to Stenciling. It did occur to me that since the crayon was so soft, it wasnt a good idea to take it over a stencil as the pigment would get scraped off by the plastic edges and get wasted. So i decided to lay down the pigment on to paper and try lifting and moving it with a ‘dried’ baby wipe (wonderful my entire pack of pampers baby wipes has dried out :/) that I wet a bit using water and this is what I got! Loved it! So im imagining that a lot of wonderful results can be achieved with stencils and these distress crayons as well. Score here too!


Had to try stamping with them now. When I tried applying the color to the stamp it glided on perfectly but nothing happened when I stamped it. Then I decided to mist it with water and try stamping, nothing happened again. Then I took a water brush to the ‘colored’ stamp and rubbed the pigment around and then stamped it, thats what gave an impression. So I decided to try scribbling down pigment and then moving it with water and then inking the stamp with the wet pigment and then stamping it. That worked too but not too well. So not too much of a score with stamping.


Then i tried distressing the edges with it too. Just tool the crayon over the edge and then smudged immediately with my fingers to get a lovely distressed smudged edge. Score again! And you can get an idea of the softness of the crayon now if you see how moving it across the edge of the paper ‘cut’ a line right through it!


This is all that I tried for now and I think there is a lot more room to experiment with them which I am hoping to do as soon as I get my hands on at least one of the packs.

On a final note, imagine scribbling a few colors on to the sheet and ‘smooshing’ with them just like you would do with inks or using them with a brush to create beautiful backgrounds or using them to color in just like you would use watercolors or inks too! AND at the same time to be able to create beautiful smudged backgrounds or wonderful stencil effects or to ‘draw’ alongside edges/borders and smudge them so effortlessly for a distressed look. I think these could give beautiful results and would be so much fun to use! AND the best part, they are available at the ARTFUL CRAFTING store for you all to get your hands on them quickly and easily! Also lots of new products in store too! :D

Thank you for dropping by and reading through, hope this post has been helpful and that you will include the crayons in your next shopping list and try them out :) And if you already have would love to hear your reviews on them as well.

Also have you all seen the current mood board challenge? Isnt the mood board so beautiful? Hope to see some amazing entries from your side.


Product Reviewed:
Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Crayons

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