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Hello Everyone!

As you all must already know, Artful Crafting is conducting 4 fun workshops, on the 7th and 8th of January 2017, at the WE Create Center Islamabad. Out of the 4, one workshop is called “Story”, because its all about making your own 8″ x 8″ hinge bound album, and that’s the one I am here to share with you today.

Who should take part?

Anyone who is interested in learning lots of techniques, and making albums, memory books, scrapbooks, cards, folios, nested pages, pockets etc. If you like making unique keepsakes, then this is for you.

What will I make at this workshop?

You will make a 4 page album from scratch (including the binding and cover). Each page will be based on a different technique, so you will make:

  1. Simple Page: A double layered page.story-blue-fern-studios-album-pg1
  2. Pocket Page: This page is actually a pocket, which holds a full size mat.story-blue-fern-studios-album-pocketpage
  3. Waterfall Page: A series of pages of the same size, which overlap like a waterfall, and flip open when required. There is a treat in there for the participants, this a waterfall with 2 pockets!story-blue-fern-studios-album-pg3
  4. Nested / Flip Pages: These add the element of surprise to your creation. These are actually 3 pages (out of which 2 are full pages), and a pocket. Interesting isn’t it!story-blue-fern-studios-album-pg4and that’s not it.
  5. Hinge binding and the Cover: You will bind the pages to form the album, and then decorate the cover too! *Just to share some wonderful news: The beautiful embellished cover of this album which you will make, was amongst Blue Fern Studio’s featured November projects* hinge-binding-and-blue-fern-studios-album-cover

Do I pay extra for the supplies?

Ofcourse not! The fee you pay upon registering includes the KIT you need to make this project. You will get gorgeous cardstock from Blue Fern Studios, along with pretty flowers, ribbon, die cut chipboard frame, chipboard words, heavy board, black card and all.

When will the workshop be hosted?

On Saturday, 8th January, from 2pm – 7pm inshallah (and the good news for all tea lovers ..tea is on the house)

Why should I register?

Some of the reasons why you should:

  • This is a one-of-a-kind technique packed workshop, where you get to learn atleast 5 techniques which you can apply to all projects ranging from cards to keepsake goodies.
  • You won’t just watch me make the album, you will make one yourself; right there, in those 5 hours inshallah, under my guidance.
  • This is the first workshop of its kind, and the skill it teaches, enables you to start your own little business, if you like.
  • You become eligible to avail a 10% discount on purchases made from our pop-up shop set up at the WE Create center, during these 2 days.
  • You get another 10% off if you register for more than 1 workshop.
  • The fee is nominal in comparison to all that you get ( 5+ techniques, a complete KIT, great discounts, and you get to take home your “Story” album )
  • AND Artful Crafting is flying in Saba Musharrif (ME) all the way from Karachi, especially for YOU. So don’t miss it.

Where do I sign up?

Click > Registration Form < to sign up. And please don’t forget that you have till the 2nd of Jan ’17 to pay the fee. Registration only tells us that you are interested, the payment of Fee tells us that you will be there and so we keep a spot for you.

You can learn about the other 3 workshops by visiting Workshop Details , and stay updated about them by joining our event page on facebook.

If you have any questions, please post them below and I will be happy to answer them.

See you in Islamabad!









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