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I’m Shereen, married to Aftab and mother of two grown up children. I’ve been a doctor, a business woman, a stay at home Mom and finally doing what I love best which is ‘making pretty things’. I’m truly blessed with all one can wish for.

I love working with anything and everything paper. If I have a style then I’d like to think it is understated more inclined toward ‘less is more’. Hope you’ll enjoy following my blog.

Being a crafter at heart I decided to set up my crafts business ‘Many Happy Returns’. Difficulties faced by crafters in getting craft supplies inspired me to start a craft supplies business which has been running now for nearly three years.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Same here Rabia. Sundus I get my supplies from US. Same goes for the inkpads. THere are some people selling stamps and inkpads here but the choice is very limited. I will post links to some US online retailers who carry this stuff.

  2. hi Shireen, I visited your stall yesterday at Minerva and was thrilled to see everything that I ever wanted…. I wanted to buy everything but couldn’t! wish we could have a chat but you were busy. would love to learn more about crafting from you:)

    • Hi there. You should have interrupted me. The main purpose of coming all the way to Islamabad was to meet crafters and would be crafters. I’m glad you liked the stall. I’m planning a workshop in Islamabad in September InshAllah. Perhaps we can meet at that time.

  3. Hi, I am totally in love with your blog and so thrilled to see all this stuff was available here. Count me in if you are holding a workshop in Islamabad anytime soon. Would just love to learn anything and everything I can from you!

    • Hi Sadaf. I’m happy you like the blog. If you have subscribed to the blog you will get notified when I plan a workshop in Islamabad. Also do check my Facebook page Many Happy Returns

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